Machinery Moving

Over 25 years experience, delivering safe, efficient &
professional moving solutions. Currently King Machinery
Moving have six different moving solutions to suit your needs.

Why choose King Machinery Moving for your move?

Knowledge / Experience

King Machinery Moving has over 25 years experience in the machinery moving industry. We have a team of skilled, experienced machinery moving operatives. The team and company has essential accreditations & qualifications.

Safety, Efficiency & Flexibility

Safety is absolutely key to our company and is at the forefront of each individual job. We unquestionably take no chances and have a no-nonsense, accident free approach to each job. We are fully insured and offer peace of mind to clients through our safe approach. Our specialised insurance cover can be clearly presented to each client before a quotation.


Our team are punctual, value our on-site appearance and work in a professional, competent manner. We have an outstanding range of professional, specialised moving equipment including AirSkates and Forklifts/Pick & Carry cranes, to properly complete our moving services.

Our Moving Solutions

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