Specialised Moving Equipment

Here is some of the equipment we use to complete each job:

Lifting Jacks & Skates

King Machinery Moving has an exceptional collection of jacking and skating equipment that allows our team to handle up to 80 Tonnes. Jacks and skates allow us to easily lift your machinery/equipment and move it safely to an area where we can then pick it by forklift/crane. We also have specialised AirSkates which allow us to move within cleanrooms and complete seemingly impossible moves. We are constantly updating and replacing our range to ensure our equipment is at the highest standards.

Portable Air Movement

We have a range of skates that work by using high air pressure to make the machine “hover”. These highly specialised skates allow us to move machinery/equipment in sensitive areas such as cleanrooms or factory production floors, minimising the use of tools and forklifts leaving no trace. By combining Portable Air Systems with an electric forklift with no emissions we can move heavy duty machinery without causing any damage to sensitive factory environments. Why not search Youtube to see them in action: Moving a 10 Tonne Machine (BY HAND!)


King Machinery Moving has a long-established relationship with a local forklift specialist and other Irish moving companies so we have access to a large range of forklifts, versalifts, pick & carry cranes & more. Currently we have a range of heavy duty Diesel & Electric Forklifts which we use for those “tough, heavy” jobs, a specialised 4.5T High-Lift Electric Forklift for smaller moves, an 8.5 Tonne Heavy duty Electric Forklift for Larger Indoor Moves and an Electric Pick & Carry Crane for those very difficult moves.

Electric Pick & Carry Crane

This is without doubt our most specialised piece of equipment. It is low impact, clean, electric and compact. It has the ability to lift 12 Tonne where clients would normally require crane and forklift combinations, whilst being small enough to enter most areas. We also rent this piece of equipment to some clients who use it for problems such as machine maintenance & more. If you are interested in purchasing this crane, details can be found HERE.
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Our Fleet

We are very proud of our fleet of truck & vans. Our team are self-sufficient on a moving job and will arrive at the clients’ facility prepared for all outcomes. Our truck has been rebuilt to carry our own forklifts, cranes and moving equipment whilst also fulfilling most of our clients’ machine transportation needs. Our highly qualified team will arrive with vans stocked with general lifting equipment and any specialised equipment we may need. Any additional services such as crane hire, machine crating or heavy haulage transportation/logistics will be organised through our affiliates for the client.

The Powerattack

The "PowerAttack" cordless compact moving tool simply pulls/pushes up to 30Tonne on skates all with the push of a button. This eco-efficient powerful moving tool allows us to complete projects for our client without the use of a forklift inside. Its easy to transport, battery operated and despite its light weight and small size its a monster when it comes to moving machinery.
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