Additional Services

Here is a list of the additional services we offer which are combined with our 6 Moving Solutions

Crating & Packing

We work with an expert affiliate of ours to provide quality services such as:

  • Machine Crating
  • Tool Crating
  • Wrapping
  • Vacuum Packing
This ensures that your machinery/equipment is safely transported without any damage.

Storage Solutions

We have a private, secure warehousing facility solely for the purpose of storing our clients’ machinery prior to or during a move. This can be used both short term & long term and King Machinery Moving will pick, deliver and install the machine via the warehouse if necessary. Clients generally use this service for the following:

  • A new machine arrives but the client is not ready to install it
  • An old/removed machine is awaiting transit/sale or even needs to be stripped before scrapping
  • Engineers belonging to the client need to work on the machine externally before transit/reinstallation

Export/Logistics Services

We provide specialist transportation services for machines/equipment which need to be exported from Ireland, usually due to the sale of a machine or factory relocation. Our team on the ground carefully load and pack the machinery/equipment in the required way usually in containers or crates (See section 1), while our project managers liaise with the transport company and work with our clients to organise the shipping and freight forwarding aspect of the move.

Move Management / Consultancy

We offer this service to some clients who are carrying out “small In-House” moving jobs themselves but need expertise to ensure it is done right. King Machinery Moving will provide a project manager and will also assist with method statements, risk assessments and the relevant paperwork. We can offer consultancy also for those planning to move machinery/equipment but need advice on the matter prior to making the big decision. We can also provide employees in the same way such as hiring “Riggers” to help our clients complete their own rigging services.

ForkLift Hire

We work closely with a local affiliate to offer a range of forklifts which can be provided and delivered to our clients for both short term & long-term periods. Due to the combined range that King Machinery Moving and our affiliates have, we can offer an extensive range of forklifts from standard diesel to electric (ideal for cleanroom) and even specialised pick & carry cranes.
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