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Currently King Machinery Moving offers six different Moving Solutions. To help you decide which service is best suited to your move, we have created the following easy to follow guide. In each of these 6 sections, you will find a short description, followed by 3 categories to help you pick the right service. These are:

Relevant Industry:

We have found that most industries use similar Moving Services. In each of our Moving Solutions, we have listed what are the relevant industries using that service today.

Relevant Machine Type:

From our experience, we understand which Moving Solution applies to each type of machinery/equipment. In this category, we have listed the most common “Machine Type’s” which we found use each service.

Relevant Testimonials:

Still unsure which type of service you need or has your industry/machine type not been listed? In Category 3 you can read what actual clients have said about each moving service after we have completed their moves.

Jacking & Skating of Machinery/Equipment

This is our basic service with our team simply jacking and skating machines into place, however the more difficult jobs require our team to use specialised AirSkates to complete the move. This service is often combined with another service (usually Machine Transportation / Relocation) and will most likely need the use of a forklift also.

Relevant Testimonial:

“We used King Machinery Moving’s Jacking & Skating service to install our new Press Brake and Guillotine. We cannot recommend their services highly enough, PJ and the team went out of their way to accommodate us and the whole operation was carried out safely, professionally and at the highest standard. We will be using KMS for any similar projects in future.”

Mark Byrne, Equine Engineering, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

Relevant Industry: ALL
(We have different equipment for some industries but the service is common across them all)

Relevant Machine Type: Any machine/equipment which can’t be lifted/picked directly by a forklift or crane.

In-House Machinery Moving

This service is ideal for clients looking to relocate machinery/equipment within the same premises, site or factory. Typically, we find established companies making on-site changes (even moving machines from one building to another) regularly using this service.

Relevant Testimonial:

“We have being using the services of King Machinery Moving for many years. Any In-House Machinery Moving contract work we carry out for clients requires detailed pre-planning and methodology. In this regard they have anyways been very professional along with being very efficient and reliable in carrying out the actual work in a safe manner which is vital to us. We would highly recommend them”.

David Conroy, Director – MJ Conroy, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo

Relevant Industry: Manufacturing, Production, Electronics, Pharma, Medical, IT

Relevant Machine Type: Production Lines, Manufacturing / Production Machinery

Specialised Moving & Installation

Ideal service for clients who have what they would consider “Specialised” “High Value” or “High Insurance” equipment, which usually is combined with our crating/packing service to protect the sensitive cargo. It is common for us to use specialised equipment such as Portable Air Moving Systems and Electric Cranes as we often carry out work in cleanroom situations.

Relevant Testimonial:

“King Machinery Moving have performed several sensitive machinery installations for us for a major Pharma client over the past number of years. We have always found them to offer a highly professional, safe and efficient service. Their staff are highly skilled, co-operative and flexible. Their equipment is always of top quality with documentation & certification always completed to the highest standards, and I would not hesitate to recommend them highly.”

Conor Brennan, Project Manager, Erba Engineering Co. Ltd

Relevant Industry: Pharma, Medical, Chemical, Engineering, Aerospace, IT, sometimes Manufacturing/Production

Relevant Machine Type: Cleanroom Machinery, Medical Device Production Machinery, Sensitive Machinery, Data Chillers, IT Servers, Pharmaceutical Production Machinery

Industrial Moving & Installation

This service is generally used by Mechanical/Electrical Contractors or Engineering companies on behalf of the client when construction/site work is being carried out. It can also be used by a client making changes themselves and project managing the site work, so we will work directly with them. Machinery moved with this service is usually Abnormal, Oversized & Awkward.

Relevant Testimonial:

”King Mechanical Services recently demonstrated their technical expertise on a power generation installation project with a large client. They delivered a first-class bespoke solution throughout the project from the preliminary site visits to the completion of the works”

Mark Goodwin – CES Energy

Relevant Industry: Engineering, Construction, Power Generation,
Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Mechanical / Electrical
Contracting, sometimes
Manufacturing / Production

Relevant Machine Type: Air
Handling Units (AHU’s) & Heater,
Boilers, Power Generation
Equipment (E.g. Engines), Data
Centre Chillers, Compressors,
Sheet Metal Machinery

Rigging & Transportation Services

This service is used for either loading or offloading machinery (sometimes both) where almost always a crane is required to lift machinery onto/off the organised transport, before installationor relocation. We organise the Crane Hire & Transport Service with the client.

Relevant Testimonial:

“King Machinery Moving have provided Rigging & Transport Services for automated assembly line moves with weights in excess of 12 Tonnes for us. They also co-ordinated tool crating and shipping logistics and at all times have provided a competent, professional and flexible service.”

David Robinson, Celestica

Relevant Industry: Sheet Metal, Engineering, Manufacturing/Production, Chemical, Pharma, Construction, Mechanical/Electrical Contracting

Relevant Machine Type: Any
(Usually the machinery is heavy, abnormal, oversized and awkward).

Machine Transportation/Relocation Services

This service suits those looking to relocate machinery/equipment (for example from Dublin to Galway) where we simply load it onto transport, secure it and then transport it to its next destination. Often, we are required to unload the machinery/equipment at the final destination and install it for our client. This service usually requires only a forklift to load the machine and is regularly combined with our Jacking & Skating service (Option 1) to remove/install the machinery before/after transportation.

Relevant Testimonial:

“We have used King Machinery Moving to Transport Machinery from one premises to another for a client on several occasions. The team always comes prepared and organises everything from forklifts to transport in a professional, safe and efficient manner. With a recent client, KMS Jacked & Skated the machinery outside, loaded and secured it properly before transporting it to another destination and unloading and installing it for the client safely. We would highly recommend their services.”

Colin Black, MTT (Machine Tool Technologies), Limerick

Relevant Industry: ALL Industries

Relevant Machine Type: ALL (Anything from production machinery to office equipment)

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